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My Training course is designed for healers and helping professionals including mental health professionals, therapists, coaches, bodywork/somatic therapists, hypnotherapists, nurses, energy workers, teachers, parents, and others who are interested in learning this trauma-informed method. I teach with a clinical focus so you can feel comfortable and confident using what you've learned as soon as the training ends.


Top 3 reasons to take this Havening training course with me:


  • I provide unique, optional daily Learning Consolidation Exercises, along with a crystal-clear explanation of Havening neuroscience, 4 live demonstrations, 4 hands-on practice sessions, and integrative group learning exercises/experiences - so you can learn, practice, and master all 7 of the Havening Techniques.

  • Past students have called my trainings: “phenomenal,” “brilliant,” “fantastic,” “thorough, clear and well-paced,” and “one of the best experiential trainings I’ve done.” Because of my skills, I was recently selected as Worldwide Co-Trainer of Trainers!

  • I am a warm, enthusiastic, and passionate Havening trainer and mentor. Past students have called me “supportive,” “amazing,” “awesome,” “warm and extremely knowledgeable,” “personable,” “professional and engaging,” and "one of the best mentors I've ever had!" 


See what previous students have said about my training and mentorship:

  • "I am so happy I trained with Elena! She is extremely knowledgeable & good at explaining things, especially the tricky science stuff. She prepared great slides, which she gave us copies of, and she personally reviewed each case study & video & provided constructive feedback on each, including what I was doing well, which was so encouraging starting out havening people! She also held 4 monthly group sessions to go over techniques & do Q&A and even sometimes exchange havening sessions with fellow students. You will get excellent preparation for becoming a certified havening techniques practitioner from her!"

  • "Elena is one of the most effective, supportive mentors I've ever worked with in any training program. She is extremely responsive, gives specific feedback, encourages, as well as lets us know better options for specific circumstances. I felt like I had someone holding my hand and cheering me on throughout the entire experience. Thank you Elena!!"

  • "I would give a 5 star rating on Elena's mentoring style. Her professional integrity walks hand in hand with her personal and attentive way of being. She encourages self-confidence while moving throughout the certification process. I could always make contact asking any question and she would attend to all inquiries in a prompt manner. The absolute best mentoring experience I have had and have referred a companion to Elena for mentoring. That to me is the greatest testimonial of all. She made my process of becoming certified a comfortable and very nourishing experience from start to finish."

  • "Elena is a fantastic teacher and mentor! Her feedback on my practice sessions was astute and supportive and her guidance really helped me deepen my Havening skills. She answers questions deeply and from a place of non-judgment and I always felt like she truly cared about me and about Havening. I appreciate her mentorship so much and I can't recommend her highly enough!"

  • "I would highly recommend Elena as a mentor for Havening. She created a wonderful atmosphere, where I felt comfortable being in "beginner's mind". I could be sincere about my doubts and questions, always felt I was being received with encouragement, interest and supportive guidance. She knows the material inside out and is able to explain in depth any question I may come with. I felt very grounded and prepared to continue to take the next step out of my comfort-zone due to her encouragement and guidance. Elena holds a masterful balance between discipline, empathy and joy."


For more information, contact me at 

Course + Mentorship: Havening Practitioner Training with Mentorship Program

  • Payment is non-refundable but can be applied to a future training course offered within the next 12 months in the event an emergency prevents you from attending this course. Please contact Elena for further details.

  • Upon completion of payment, a Zoom registration link will be sent to your email address within 48 hours. Once you complete the registration link, you will be enrolled in this course.

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