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Profound Tips for feeling Grounded


Today, I'm sharing some of the simple yet profound resources I use myself to feel GROUNDED.

1. The single most helpful method I use to feel grounded is my daily meditation practice, which I started about 3 years ago to cope with my anxiety after the train crash. I know what you're probably thinking: "I have no ability to focus and sit still right now and don't want to learn anything new." But hear me out. There are SO MANY ways to meditate that you can find a way that meets you where you are today, even if you can't sit still, have no patience, etc. Here are some examples:

  • Walking meditation by Jack Kornfield:

  • Hundreds (maybe thousands!) of guided meditations on the Insight Timer App, with different themes, types of music, etc. Check it out for 5 minutes! I also like this App because it is so easy to use and it keeps track of my progress, which helps me stay on track with my practice. And, it shows how many people in the world are meditating at the same time, which makes me feel supported and part of a larger community. And I can pick my own gong sound!

  • The simplest, most profound meditation and the only one I have ever stuck with over time, is Neelakantha Meditation taught to me by Elizabeth Doberneck, who is as close to a buddha incarnate as anyone I've ever met. This is the meditation practice I use daily for reducing anxiety, grounding, focus, and insight. Elizabeth explains the essence of this meditation practice here (just listening to her voice is SOOO soothing!). For more in-depth information, you can contact Elizabeth at or call/text 646-489-7873 and read about the practice here:

2. There are also many simple breathing practices that are inherently grounding, such as square (or box) breathing (see or Pranayama breathing from the yoga traditions. I also love the Calming Breath practice I learned from Dorene Krause, my T'ai Chi Chih teacher, who graciously recorded this video tutorial demonstrating how to do it (along with the first T'ai Chi Chi movement, Rocking Motion, which is also grounding). For more information, you can email Dorene at I'm also attaching a cheat sheet!

Calming Breath
Download PDF • 147KB

3. For me, it also feels grounding to maintain a schedule and daily goals. I've been a goal-oriented person my entire life, and it feels downright disorienting to sleep and wake up whenever, eat whenever, DO whatever, whenever! I feel much more grounded when I make (and follow!) a daily plan for when to wake up, shower, meditate and do self-care, work, cook and eat meals, check in on family, get ready for bed, etc. - and I even plan time to think up activities to break up the monotony and how to support others (yes, I plan time to plan!). If you're a planner, give this a try and see if it feels more grounding for you.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing tips and resources for feeling HOPEFUL (no matter what's happening in the world or on the news). As a reminder, I will never recommend anything I don't use, and I'm not getting any kickbacks or anything when I mention other practitioners or products. I'm just trying to share what helps me so it might help you, too.

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Stay safe and healthy!  Sending love and support …

Elena Kindler

Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner

Metamorphosis Havening LLC


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