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Tips for Feeling Hopeful


To be honest, I've kind of been dreading this post all week, thinking, if I'm struggling with feeling hopeful myself, how can I help you feel hopeful? It was only today that I realized that even working on growing hopeful feelings can be the antidote to handling today's (and tomorrow's) uncertainty and despair. We all know it's easy to feel hopeful on a bright, sunny day with the flowers blooming; but we can also choose to develop our hope today and every day so we can start to feel hopeful regardless of the state of the weather or the world. So, today, I'm sharing some of the resources I use myself to cultivate hopeful emotions ... like planting the seeds now for hope to grow.

1. Surround yourself with inspiring, cheerful, and hopeful people and resources. I don't immerse myself in the daily news, which often makes me feel hopeless and depressed, or watch heartbreaking movies. I can't handle it right now! Instead, I listen to inspiring Ted talks, watch hopeful movies, play games with the family, listen to clips from musicians around the world, view photos of awe-inspiring vistas, and read articles about promising new vaccines on the horizon (yes, they exist!). And even a little bit of effort can make a big impact on your psyche. This is one thing I did in week 2 of quarantine. I ordered HUGE vinyl flower decals (from Pottery Barn!) and put them up all over my dining room wall. I certainly had more productive things to do, but I was trying to grow my hopeful emotions. And today, I can't help but smile a little every time I walk by those giant flowers. Think about what makes you smile and spend even a few minutes today to plant the seeds for your own garden of hope.

2. Here's a 4-minute guided Self-Havening video I just recorded (in my dining room!) to help you grow your emotional hope garden. Tap into your past experiences to augment your own hopeful emotions today. Let me know if this helps you feel more hopeful!

3. I always feel hopeful when I'm able to HELP someone else. I actually feel more energized and less depleted because of my efforts. And I know I'm not alone in feeling like this. Earlier this week, one of my closest friends helped me by transferring her Fresh Direct weekly time slot to me - yet she texted me saying "Helping you guys is the best feeling." And it is. There are so many ways to help someone right from your couch - whether that's picking up the phone and calling someone all alone, writing a card to your local hospital thanking frontline healthcare workers, supporting local businesses and practitioners you love, or offering to "virtually babysit" a friend's rambunctious children to give them a short break. I bet you could think of something right now that would have a direct and positive impact on someone. If you're looking for concrete ideas in our local NJ community, consider participating in the initiatives Scott Doty of Brainstorm is currently spearheading to support local parents, students, and healthcare workers/first responders (check out the attached flyer). I bet you'll feel hopeful and good inside if you do!

Brainstorm initiatives
Download PDF • 325KB

As a reminder, I will never recommend anything I don't use or do myself, and I'm not getting any kickbacks or anything when I mention other businesses or initiatives. I'm just trying to share what helps me so it might help you, too.

Tomorrow is my last daily blog post, and I'll be sharing tips and resources for feeling RESILIENT. After that, to conserve my resilience, I'll post only from time to time :) LOL

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Stay safe and healthy!  Sending love and support …

Elena Kindler

Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner

Metamorphosis Havening LLC


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