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Tips for feeling Peaceful


Today, I'm sharing some of the resources I use myself to help cultivate PEACEFUL emotions.

1. Here's a 4-minute guided Self-Havening video I just recorded where you can experience a peaceful stroll on the beach. Let me know if this helps you feel peaceful.

2. I find that being outside is really helpful when I feel trapped in the house, unmotivated, sad, lethargic, etc. Even if I just step outside on my deck and look at the trees, or sit for a few minutes on the grass (when it's not wet!), I feel lighter, more peaceful, and more grounded. Why not give it a try.

3. I like to use essential oils to help down-regulate my nervous system when I want to feel more peaceful. These are my favorites.

I like to use Balance or Peace & Calming every morning, Cedarwood or more Balance during the day, and Serenity before bed. I use the Bach Rescue Remedy or the Adaptiv oil when I'm freaking out and need to ground quickly. I'm not an expert in oils, but I have two colleagues who are very knowledgeable, and I'm sharing their contact information if you'd like to ask them any questions or get suggestions for yourself. .

Jan Jeremias (doTERRA oils)

(I know Jan is also running a special buy one GIVE one promotion right now to help front line responders with an Adaptiv roll-on so you can also ask her about that.)

Rena Esposito (Young Living oils)

Just so you know, I will never recommend anything I don't use, and I'm not getting any kickbacks or anything when I mention other practitioners or products. I'm just trying to share what helps me so it might help you, too.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing tips and resources for feeling SUPPORTED.

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Stay safe and healthy!  Sending love and support …

Elena Kindler

Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner

Metamorphosis Havening LLC


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